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Play Around With Arrested Development’s Analrapist Dr. Tobias Fünke!

Arrested Development Insert Tobias

You’re all fans of Arrested Development right? Of course you are! As many of you have most likely had drummed into you by now, one of the best comedy television series ever is about to return with fifteen brand new episodes, exclusively on Netflix. Exciting! To celebrate this fact, we’re going to point you towards two really cool things to get you hyped up for the new episodes.

I. Recurring Developments

Here’s an extremely useful and well presented website called “Recurring Developments” designed as a tool to help refresh your memory of all of the running jokes that makes the series so great. Not only does it list the running jokes and point out what episodes that they occur in, it even describes the situations in the episode that the joke occurs within. An exhaustive and well compiled list that you’re likely to kill a lot of time with (I know I did!) and, will help you remember why that you loved that show, if you need reminding that is!

II. “Insert Me Anywhere”

As a way to drum up attention for the new series, Netflix is utilizing some out of the box ideas for their marketing strategy. One such idea is a viral site dedicated to the fan favourite character Dr. Tobias Fünke (played by David Cross); the hopelessly out of touch therapist and blowhard wannabe thespian. The site is disguised as a portfolio/audition reel intended for megastar filmmaker James Cameron to convince him of Fünke’s acting talents.

The introduction to the site contains a variety of awkward and accidental innuendos which match the character’s usual shenanigans. Then, as you traverse deeper into the site you’ll come across a variety of small clips meant to demonstrate his worth as an actor in various stock roles and of course, he’s terrible at them all. Then you’re given the option to upload your own photos and place Tobias in them anywhere you want, like this example:

Arrested Development Tobias Insert Me Anywhere Example

The interesting part about this site is that it actually exposes Arrested Development‘s greatest strengths and weaknesses. Part of what makes the tapestry of the show so rich is the huge amount of interconnectivity across it, but if you’re unfamiliar with the show and not well versed in all of the running gags then a lot of the jokes will lack their intended impact and it will become an alienating experience. As enjoyable as this is, it’s making me feel like I need to go and re-watch the first three seasons before I try and tackle the fourth.

Visit the website here, and be sure to come back and tell us what you think!

Is this a cool marketing strategy? Do you remember all of the recurring jokes? Do you agree with the slight criticism?

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