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The Matrix Vs The Terminator

The Matrix Terminator Legacy

Happy Friday everyone! They always say that a lot of science fiction is pretty similar, so it’s always interesting to see mash-ups play on the interesting similarities between various properties. Here is a mash-up that puts together The Matrix and The Terminator franchises and seeks to explore the parallels between the two. Accompanied with the music of Tron Legacy, courtesy of Daft Punk it’s a pretty unique and effective piece. Although, it kind of reminds me of the fact that The Matrix hasn’t really aged that well after all this time, which is a damn shame. Remember when people used to think it was the best science fiction films ever? Makes me feel old man. Anyway, it’s something cool for you guys to chew on! Unfortunately there are no badgers today.

What do you guys think? Has The Matrix aged? Are the similarities between The Matrix and The Terminator thin at best? Sound off in the comments!

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