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Get Game Of Thrones-wise with this list of prior roles

Iwan Rheon Misfits Game of Thrones

Yeah, we go on about Game Of Thrones a lot, but when HBO are making a show as cool as this, from a series of books as good as A Song Of Ice And Fire, with an ensemble cast as talented as they are, I can’t help but do just that.

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the web is the same, and with the show’s third season well underway (we’re three episodes in), there’s cool content popping up all over the place.

One (or several) of the things you may have been wondering whilst watching is “where the hell do I know that person from?”. It’s one of my favourite games to play, and although it sometimes ruins the immersion, the satisfaction of remembering that bit part role from some obscure TV show ten years ago is rather good.

Imdb is of course the go to tool if you can’t quite remember of course, but have compiled a list of sixteen of the show’s actors and where you might know them from.

I knew the likes of Mackenzie Crook (he was also in the original version of The Office, which they don’t mention), Joe Dempsie from the first two seasons of Skins (although I’d missed his co-star Hannah Murray as Gilly, the daughter-wife of wildling Craster) and Iwan Rheon (pictured above), but had massive forehead-slapping moments of clarity with the likes of on-show King and Queen Mark Addy and Lena Heady, from A Knight’s Tale and 300 respectively.

It’s a good read anyway, and they’ve done some quality legwork compiling the shots of each actor’s roles. There are of course loads more – a bit of research uncovered that Rory McCann, who plays the bloodthirsty ‘Hound’ Sandor Clegane, also had a small but memorable role as Michael Armstrong (“yarp”), the intimidating trolley boy from Simon Pegg/Nick Frost classic Hot Fuzz – but let us know if you recognise anyone from the top of your head!

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