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Wreck It Ralph Creator Makes Fitting Tribute To The King Of Kong

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph is the charming and oddball Disney-made animated film set within the world of videogames that was released in North America last year and only just very recently in the UK. It’s a very solid film, filled with warmth, fuzziness and some nerdery that will make the videogame fluent amongst us giddy with joy. Rich Moore, the director of Wreck It Ralph has recently unleashed a mockumentary tied to the mythos of the film – a documentary about a young boy who once held the world record for a Fix It Felix Jr. score. The entire set up of this 28 minute piece is based on an excellent documentary called The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters, which is an oddly compelling movie about the world’s highest scoring Donkey Kong player and how it consumed his life. It’s a really peculiar story, in that they manage to take a subject so mundane that most people in their right mind could give less of a shit about, and manage to transform it into an incredibly enthralling, life affirming underdog story. Moore and the Wreck It Ralph team are less successful here, but they’ve created a nifty piece of intuitive marketing that’s worth a watch if you have the time. Though, seek out The King Of Kong if you haven’t seen it!

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