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Bricktease would like to play with you

Bricktease Casino Royale

One of the most interesting things about the internet is its potential to grant extreme hobbyists a chance in the limelight; hobbies that without the internet would ordinarily seem weird or ridiculous to “normal people”, but that will make these men and women akin to the Gods of Olympus!

One such man is a young lad going by the suggestive name of Bricktease. His obsession may be a little easy to figure out – that’s right, he likes to play with Lego! Not only that, but he likes to construct scenes and short films with his ample Lego collection; utilizing a number of impressive stop motion techniques. Bricktease has made a few amateurish short films before, but by far his greatest achievement is his most recent endeavour – a reconstruction of the opening scene of Casino Royale, the first Bond film to star Daniel Craig in this new era of Bond.

This is no easy feat. For those who don’t remember, the film begins in a very darkly dramatic way, with our protagonist James Bond earning his “OO” stripes, as it were, by killing a traitor and his henchmen. This is delivered in a stark black and white style and involves intense dialogue between Bond and the traitor, but is violently juxtaposed by a brutal fight scene in a public bathroom between Bond and the henchmen. It ends in Bond drowning the man in a bathroom sink (before shooting him), which isn’t exactly the easiest thing to pull of with Lego and yet Bricktease manages to execute it with a sure hand and with alarming accuracy. The scene retains the dialogue of the film, although Bricktease doesn’t animate moving mouths yet, as it’s not a technique he feels comfortable doing. It’s understandable for the young artist to choose to refine that skill, rather than unnecessarily crowbarring it in and risk lowering the quality of his project.

You can learn more about Bricktease and his endeavour’s via his website, which you can visit here.

For now, check out the impressive side by side comparison video that contrasts Bricktease’s clip with the original opening scene of the film:

What do you guys think? How does it compare to the original? Sound off in the comments!

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