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Bananaman movie set to hit theatres in 2015 – The Peel Good Hit Of The Summer?

Bananaman Teaser Poster

With a headline like that, who needs articles?

Ahem. For those not in the know, Bananaman is a classic British comic-strip hero that was originally created in 1980 for humour magazine Nutty (later merged with The Dandy) by Dave Donaldson, Steve Bright, and John Geering, before being made into an animated show in the eighties, which frankly is really rather bad. However, it definitely has some nostalgia value for people who were growing up at the time, as well as for fans of The Goodies.

But who is Bananaman I hear you cry? Bananaman was actually a light riff (read: rip-off) on DC superhero Captain Marvel (now re-branded as Shazam!) i.e. he was a superhero that was secretly a young schoolboy named Eric Wimp that would become the superhero Bananaman when, you guessed it, he ate a banana. Having a nibble of the bendy yellow stuff would cause our small schoolboy to turn into a fearsome flying, yellow clad, super strong hero. What’s more, Bananaman’s villains were also fond pastiches of other famous comic book antagonists, including the likes of Doctor Gloom, Skunk Woman, General Blight, Mouseman, and of course his own evil doppelganger – Appleman! Of course, let’s not forget the terrifying Auntie, who comes equipped with her own knitting ball launcher of doom!

DC Thomson and Elstree Studios are the producers behind this project, and they are yet to announce any further details about the production, other than the teaser poster you see above. One can’t help but wonder whether this will be a complete train wreck, or comedy gold. At this stage, we don’t even know if the film will be live action or animation, as such it seems a little strange that the studios feel confident that the film will surface as soon as next year. Considering the time that goes into making a movie, especially a big budget production – it seems incredibly ambitious to make a full turn around in a year (although it has been done before).

What’s more, 2015 is already full to the brim of other comic book adaptations and major blockbusters, including Marvel’s hotly anticipated The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Can Bananaman possibly compete with that level of competition? Is anyone actually asking for a Bananaman film?

One thing that is funny to note though – Warner Brothers still claim that the world isn’t ready for a solo female fronted superhero movie ala Wonder Woman. DC Thomson and Elstree Studios seem to think the world is ready for a fruit themed superhero. Well then. Clearly, one of the two needs to wake the hell up, but we’ll have to wait until Bananaman is released to find out which one. Here’s hoping that Bananaman will be the peel good hit of the summer!

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