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Come for the meteorological absurdity! Stay for the washed up 90′s actors!

Sharknado Poster

For those of you who are fans of movies that are “so bad they’re actually kinda good” category then you’ve probably heard of the production studio called The Asylum. Famous for their “mockbusters” (low budget parodies of big Hollywood blockbusters) that they regularly release on a straight to DVD public to be consumed by their voracious B movie loving fans. Looking at their impressive schedule, it’s a wonder that they’re able to continually crank out films at such a high rate. Yes, they’re bad, but they still need to go through the three time consuming stages of production. Last week they released a trailer to advertise the latest addition to their repertoire, the hilariously, but obviously titled Sharknado.

Yes, the concept is absolutely ludicrous, hilariously so, but it’s actually pretty amazing to see how far The Asylum have come as a production house. For those of you who are previously unfamiliar with their work this comment may be hard to take seriously, but the studio really have developed their craft over time. Usually the films would contain one or two scenes that would be, as they say “internet gold”, but largely be extremely dull and mind numbing, whereas this film actually looks like it could be rather entertaining throughout.

Sharknado debuted on the Syfy channel as an original movie last week and while it only enjoyed 1.3 million viewers, it managed to start a chain of dialogue and tweets on the subject from some celebrities including Damon Lindelof and Cory Monteith (one of the last things he tweeted about before his untimely demise).

As with any film involving killer sharks, the Jaws reference is mandatory (and of course groan inducing), and the film doesn’t really make any actual sense. As the poster embraces with its tagline “Enough said!”. What’s surprising is actually seeing some actors that you recognize. To think that Tara Reid actually had a role in my favourite English language film of all time, The Big Lebowski, it’s pretty amusing to see how far she has fallen.

What do you guys think? Is Sharknado the kind of tongue in cheek terribad entertainment you’re looking for? Is it all just too silly for you? Sound off in the comments!

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