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Author George R.R. Martin Has Been Asked To Take On More Television Shows for major network HBO

George R. R. Martin

George R.R. Martin is a name that we all know by now. The author of the A Song Of Ice and Fire novels has seen a meteoric rise from slightly obscure niche author to since HBO adapted his novels into the insanely popular Game Of Thrones television series.

This explosion into the populous has turned him into a brand that is now known outside of avid fantasy readers and has become a part of the modern cultural zeitgeist. HBO are looking to capitalize on their investment, now that the once niche writer has been forcibly thrust into the mainstream so they’ve signed him up to develop more shows for the network.

In terms of news, this is a rather mixed bag; it’s great for people who want new, well written science fiction and fantasy television series, maintained with a strong creative vision, however it’s also bad news for those already concerned that the ailing author may reach his natural end before his masterpiece literature series that made his name does.

At the pace in which he’s writing his novels, he completes one every five years, and the man isn’t getting any younger. If HBO saddle him with a number of new shows for him to run, it stands to reason that the wait for the end of the books will be even longer. It’s no secret that Martin has been aware of his declining health and has even reportedly told showrunners on Game Of Thrones how it all ends, in case he perishes before his literature is complete. While that’s an incredibly sad thought, at least he’s actually planned ahead! It would be a true crime if the end to these stories were never uncovered, regardless of the medium in which they are presented.

As of now, there are no concrete details on what Martin is going to be working on for HBO, but it stands to reason that it will be science fiction or fantasy based due to his extensive work in both genres. While he is most famous for his literature, there’s no denying that the man is also a very talented scriptwriter, having written the scripts for two of Game Of Thrones‘ best episodes – “The Pointy End” and “Blackwater“.

The Pointy End

Whatever these projects end up being, they’re not likely to be based on other examples of Martin’s work. For instance, the novel Fevre Dream, which features charismatic vampires piloting riverboats down the Mississippi River, would make for a great miniseries, but would most likely struggle to stretch the content to anything of considerable length.

The most obvious candidate for a tv adaptation would be Wild Cards, a series of novellas and short stories edited and occasionally contributed to by Martin, and tells the story of an alternate Earth where an alien gene bomb creates two special strains of super powered beings, one being referred to as “Aces” who receive these gifts with no strings attached and “Jokers” who unfortunately suffer some kind of horrific malady, often in the form of physical mutation.

This would most certainly work as a television property, however it’s potential has already been recognized and subsequently snapped up by Syfy, who are currently developing it. It’s an interesting series and I’m sure Syfy will do it justice, but there’s no doubt that it would have been interesting to witness the HBO alternative.

Wild Cards

So, it’s clear that HBO have enlisted Martin to work on an original property (or perhaps even properties), which should be very interesting indeed. It should be noted that Martin was involved heavily in tv in the 80′s, responsible for writing several episodes of The Twilight Zone during its mid 80′s revival and also for spearheading Beauty and The Beast, a genre show starring the always excellent Ron Perlman, which sadly now has an inferior remake that is currently airing, sans Ron Perlman. (How can you have The Beast played by a hot guy?! Oh woe is this post-Twilight world.)

Whatever this new series will be, let’s hope that it’s of great quality, but also doesn’t interfere too heavily with his progress on The Winds Of Winter. While there has been a large amount of uproar about Martin’s decision to do this, I would like to stress that as an artist his decision should be respected as this is clearly something he feels passionate. The Monolith wishes him luck.

For all of you who are excited for Season 3; Game of Thrones returns to screens on March 31st, 2013.

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