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I would strongly hope that everyone here is aware of Disney‘s latest foray into the modern animated film landscape as it looks to be a real treat! Wreck-It Ralph‘s eponymous character is voiced by none other than Oscar nominated dramatic actor and Will Ferrell‘s punching bag; John C. Reilly! Reilly’s voice is surprisingly dynamic and is the perfect tool of expression for the gentle giant.

Ralph is the villain in the arcade game of the same name and finds it to be a very demeaning and depressing endeavour, considering he always loses and is hated, despite the fact that, really, he’s a nice guy!

Ralph then decides to journey through the other games in the arcade to prove to people that he can be a hero too. On his journey’s he will encounter a lot of colourful characters and will be pursued by the hero from his game Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer). Ralph has to return otherwise the game will be unplugged and the inhabitants of Ralph’s game world will lose their lives. Fundamentally it’s a pretty bleak concept, and from what I’ve been hearing while you might expect a film of this nature to give topics like that a wide berth, it doesn’t entirely do that; instead choosing to address them in an effective and intelligent way without alienating audiences of any age.

The great concept is heightened by Disney‘s dedication to it; using their practically infinite pockets to dig deep and shell out cash to feature some of gaming’s most iconic characters. Disney have really shown dedication to the concept and for that I am deeply appreciative and respectful of them. They could have just made oblique references to famous characters, instead they took the time to acquire licenses and shell out for iconic characters from franchises like Mortal Kombat, Sonic, Mario, Pacman and Street Fighter; amongst others.

I believe we may finally have a winning film based on video games, and it’s an entirely new creation!

I realize that my favourite scene of the movie is probably going to be the “Villain’s Anonymous” sequence, which fills me with childlike ecstatic joy, but I know that overall the whole film is going to be something special. It seems to balance the childish humour, with the more intelligent satire for adults and teenagers alike who may have grown up with the games that it references. Of course it’ll conclude with the family friendly life affirming message at  the end, but that is to be expected, and there are ways in which it can be handled with intelligence. Frankly, I can’t wait. You’ll be able to read my review next week, but if you don’t take me seriously, check out these guys!

One thing to note is that it’ll be interesting to see how it tackles the subject of the growing trend of violence in videogames. The “Hero’s Duty” section is definitely channelling the hallmarks of franchises such as HaloCall Of Duty and Starship Troopers, so it’ll be intriguing to see how they handle the tough subject of  utra-violent videogames, within the confines of a family friendly animation adventure.

So, consider a trip through the lands of nostalgia this weekend and enjoy being a kid again through smart video game worship in a cuddly, palatable format.

I’ll be there will bells on!

Wreck-It Ralph is out in theatres today and features the talents of John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch and Alan Tudyk. Directed by Rich Moore. 

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