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Mark Wahlberg Drunk On The Graham Norton Show

Mark Wahlberg drunk on Graham Norton

Here’s the thing. You’re a big Hollywood superstar and you’re forced into a late night chat show appearance to help promote your latest movie Broken City, a movie that you not only starred in, but also produced. You don’t want to be there, you’re having to sit around and listen to an annoying Irish goblin and a bunch of other famous people that you don’t care about, including a guy who turned you down for a starring role in your movie. Yes folks, this was the scenario that Mark Wahlberg was faced with before deciding the best course of action would be to get hideously and embarrassingly drunk on red wine.

Wahlberg appeared on the Graham Norton hosted show with Sarah Silverman and Michael Fassbender and promptly made quite the spectacle of himself. It should be noted that all of the other parties handled themselves really quite well in reaction to Wahlberg’s demeanour. Personally, while it’s clear that Wahberg may suffer from an inflated ego, I don’t think his actions were too harmful or scandalous and instead just rather amusing. It’s funny to see such a big star unwittingly making a fool of himself. Perhaps he regrets it now, but oh well. His drunken antics include, but are not limited to – molesting Graham Norton, almost kissing Sarah Silverman, and challenging Michael Fassbender to a duel of accents. Below is the clip that features his full interview segment. Enjoy!

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