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Reviewing the very best film posters of 2014

Monolith Best Of 2014

Welcome to the penultimate article in my recap of all things 2014 in film. First I covered the standout musical moments, then I highlighted the best performances from both male and female actors. Today, it’s time to celebrate the artists that created the best posters of the year. Because this is a sizeable list, I’ve roped in our new Icelandic correspondent, Jon to help.

Some would say that movie posters are a lost art form. It’s true that nowadays: a lot of studios opt for generic posters that involve awkwardly Photoshopping all the actors faces together in an unconvincing tableau. Then, they’ll put in some extra effects such as frosting, shadowing, or the dreaded “explosion” effect, which are often just static sparks liberally scattered all over the place – further cluttering and confusing the image. It’s certainly not easy to create distinctive poster art, what with the sheer amount of movies being made now, or the fact that almost all of the artists enlisted to create art for films haven’t actually seen the movie in question – so all they have to go on is a three line synopsis and a cast list.

As such, when great posters come along, they absolutely should be celebrated. What follows is a list of the 50 best posters we’ve stumbled across in 2014. It should be noted that great posters don’t always make great movies, and vice versa.

For the sake of argument though, here’s a couple of the worst Photoshop disasters from the year, just so you can really appreciate how awesome the 50 lists we’ve selected really are by contrast.

First up is this atrocious foreign poster for Jon Favreau‘s food porn independent film Chef. They’ve literally slapped the actors faces into what look like those terrible beach cutouts you find in tourist locations. If you look closely you’ll see that their heads aren’t even in proportion with the rest of their body. Awful.

Chef terrible poster

Another day, another terrible foreign poster. The film is called Walk Of Shame, and to be fair, it’s quite the fitting title (at least where the posters are concerned). All of the posters have been varying levels of bad, but this one truly takes the cake. Just play a little game of spot the difference – or more accurately, spot what’s been poorly added in Photoshop. Answer? Almost all of it.

Walk Of Shame terrible poster

Now that we’ve suitably lowered your expectations – here’s what the cream of the crop look like!