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Christoph Waltz Crazy

This is a new small feature that we’ll be running everyday – the purpose of this is to offer light entertainment as a break from all the serious film and music articles. So, check into The Calm Before The Storm every morning for a small dose of geeky comedy!

Today’s reprieve comes in the form of a brief clip including the always excellent Christoph Waltz discussing the Meisner acting technique for a BBC documentary. He talk about the power of repetition and uses the words “dill pickle” as his example. Watching the actor effortlessly flick between various emotions and moods that are reminiscent of his the work seen in his iconic roles in Inglourious Basterds and the most recent Django Unchained. This clip warms the cold recesses of my iron heart, and if you have a soul it’ll make you feel better too.

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