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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Today’s Calm Before The Storm (and most likely a few future editions) will focus on the icon of action cinema that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love “Arnie” as it were and think he’s awesome. If one were to try and figure out why Arnie is such an engaging screen and cultural presence, it may be a little difficult to comprehend a solitary reason as to why/ Well, why I don’t know the one, single reason I do know that his famous scream is glorious. A soul with far too much time on their hands has graciously put together every single Arnold Schwarzenegger scream for our viewing pleasure. Internet be praised.

I particularly enjoy the transition between Total Recall clips and the famous Kindergarten Cop run-out-of-the-school-and-scream-into-the-air part. Also, can’t Arnie catch a break? He gets hit in the balls a lot!

Don’t forget to catch Arnie in his comeback film The Last Stand, now in theatres!

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