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Greetings folks and welcome to another calm before the storm feature.

Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises was on the whole a disappointing mess – riddled with more plotholes than a gangland shooting victim. The one thing that did save it from total damnation however, was Tom Hardy‘s excellent characterisation of Bane, a character that is incredibly difficult to accomplish on the big screen. While a lot of people have mocked the voice that he chose (you’re wrong, it’s perfect and he doesn’t sound like Sean Connery) I think that people have undervalued the sheer force of nature that he represents. He’s still so intimidating and powerful in his performance, despite the fact that most of his face is covered by that mask.

Anyway, the impressive Auralnauts guys have performed an excellent Bane impression and decided to change all of his dialogue to talk about dietary requirements, as well as a fantastic freestyle rap towards the end that is still racing through my head. Splendid. Enjoy!

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