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Morgan Freeman - Gordon Freeman

Every nerd out there loves the Freemans! No, it’s a not a new sitcom (though that would be interesting), some entrepreneurial soul has merely created an awesome little mod for Grand Theft Auto IV that allows you to cause chaos and mayhem on the streets of Liberty City as none other than Morgan Freeman dressed as Gordon Freeman.

While this originally hit the internet last July there’s no denying the sheer entertainment factor of watching the Freemans unite and lay waste to the citizens of Liberty City in a violent rampage – all while looking pretty nonplussed. Morgan Freeman is a huge part of the current cultural zeitgeist with his distinctive voice taking centre stage and being impersonated hundreds of times. Gordon Freeman is the heroic icon of the Half-Life series, one of the most popular and beloved first person shooter series in gaming history; created by the Valve Corporation.

The clip also goes to show off that more than the Freeman suit made it into the mod from Half-Life 2 as their are Combine soldiers and a whole host of weaponry. Pretty cool!

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