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Viewer Beware: Director behind Gulliver’s Travels attached to Goosebumps movie project

Goosebumps movie

In a week full of potentially childhood-destroying film releases, Hollywood is currently coming off slightly like a huge machine powered by nostalgia and tears that rips memories to shreds in exchange for ticket sales. You may be beginning to think movie producers have run out of fresh ideas, seeing as how they are currently relying so heavily on sequels, and series reboots. But there may be something slightly different on the way – in the form of a Goosebumps movie!


R.L. Stine’s series of campy horror novels for children were a big part of the nineties for kids around the globe. I’m going to stick a picture of Stine in here somewhere, because despite reading every single Goosebumps book I could lay my sticky hands on as a child, I don’t think I saw his face until I was in my early twenties. The Goosebumps books were a clever mix of old and new, bringing ideas – some of which were as old as hell – to a new audience. Featuring simple, but kitsch horror concepts such as all-consuming slime (Monster Blood), terrifying ventriloquist dolls (Night of The Living Dummy) and a camera that kills everyone whose image it captures (Say Cheese and Die), the books were phenomenally successful, and spawned an ass-load of merchandise and television shows (it was the nineties, remember).

Now, the writer and director behind 2010’s Gulliver’s Travels (which I admit to having never seen, and have been faithfully informed I am the lucky one), Rob Letterman is in talks with Sony Pictures to bring a Goosebumps movie to the big screen. Details are currently sparse, and there are many questions that such a project raises.  Goosebumps had several iconic characters (monsters), and choosing a single one to feature in the film would probably leave fans feeling cold. I would not be surprised if we find ourselves with a veritable Monster Mash situation on our hands.

What were your favourite Goosebumps moments?  Would you go and see a PG-rated Goosebumps movie as an adult, or would you rather leave Goosebumps to a whole new generation of young teenagers?  Let us know!

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