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Two and a half minutes of full on *SNIKT* with The Wolverine

The Wolverine movie poster

Last week I made a little post on our Facebook page about Hugh Jackedman and co’s desire for The Wolverine to carry an R rating, and we’ve been promised that there will actually be some blood! The X-Men films thus far have been very hit and miss, with the first film being a good effort, the second one of the strongest comic book movies to date, and the third being a godawful mess. The first Wolverine movie fared little better and for many, the X-Men film franchise had officially been killed.

Then, Matthew Vaughn came along and reinvigorated the series’ cinematic potential with the brilliant X-Men: First Class. Now, after a director change, The Wolverine is gearing up for its summer release and with Jackedman and new director James Mangold admitting that the last Wolverine film was dire, have realised what’s at stake and are keen to deliver the definitive Wolverine movie. Today, the first trailer dropped and you can watch it here:

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised! I had zero expectations for this film and it finally looks like they’ve managed to capture a truly kinetic fighting style that compliments the brutality and frenzy of Wolverine’s animalistic rage. What makes this even more compelling is that we can see glimpses of Mariko (Wolverine’s love), Viper, and the primary antagonist: the Silver Samurai. They all look surprisingly close to their comic counterparts; I say that because the X-Men series is renowned for its liberal use of the extremely complicated canon, so it’s a very welcome development that the characters look like they have more in common with the canon other than their name.

All in all, this looks like a definite improvement and could well turn out to be one of the stronger entries into the X-Men film series. The train fight scene doesn’t look too great, as the CGI is very obvious, so hopefully that’ll look much sharper by the time the film is released and has finished post production. I’m glad that the action scenes seem to really have  a strong edge to them and if this brings us a little bit of blood and powerful drama between Logan and Mariko then this could be very promising indeed. And yes, that is a dream sequence involving the dearly departed Jean Grey after the Phoenix saga that was clumsily adapted (understatement of the year) for the third X-Men movie.

Does this excite you for this movie? Do you think they’ve finally nailed the Wolverine combat? Are you excited to see the Silver Samurai?!

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