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The World’s End Unveils Its Threat In More Detail

The World's End Poster 2

Two weeks ago we covered the unveiling of the first teaser trailer for the epic conclusion to The Cornetto Variety Trilogy, The World’s End. While I was extremely excited to find out more about the film and see some of it in action, in the original post I noted that the teaser trailer doesn’t do a great job of selling the film, in fact making it look a little dull and unfunny in some ways.

Thankfully, the new International trailer for the film dispels any negative feelings I was originally having almost immediately. The trailer opens with a funny dialogue between the five central friends about The Three Musketeers and the Bible. The chemistry between all the grade A talent on board seems to be spot on, which of course we knew it would be as well.

With this new trailer however, not only do we get a better notion of the comedy on display, but we actually get to learn more about the antagonistic force present within the film. Originally believed to be merely aliens (akin to Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) it turns out that we’re dealing with what one can only assume are ALIEN ROBOTS. That distinction may seem slight, but it successfully allows The World’s End to tackle several science fiction tropes at the same time.

Judging by some of the action footage it’s clear that this film is going to continue the trend of the other two films in the franchise in that it will be very bloody. Sure, in the trailer we only see lots of alien robot destruction, complete with crazy thick blue inkish blood, but we all know there’s bound to be a fair amount of human claret spilled in the final product as well.

The World's End Cast Image

What’s most interesting is we finally get a full look at that weird tripod creature that everyone originally identified as some sort of War Of The Worlds/Half Life tribute, when in actuality it’s another weird robot, looking like a three legged, 2D Iron giant. The flatness and dimensions of the creature is what makes it truly bizarre as it genuinely leaves you perplexed as to what it’s meant to be.

The World’s End is likely to be an extremely funny, bloody and audacious romp through the science fiction genre. We all know that director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have an almost inexhaustible amount of geek credibility, especially within the science fiction genre, after Spaced. If The World’s End is an action comedy representation of the kind of humour inherent in cult classic television show Spaced then we are in for a real treat.

Also, it’s worth nothing that Pegg and Frost have finally switched roles, with Pegg now playing the slobby useless character versus Frost’s more buttoned down, precise individual.

The World’s End will be released in theatres on the 19th of July.

What do you guys think? Does the new trailer excite you? What do you think that weird creature is? How do you think it will compare to Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz? Sound off in the comments!

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