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True Blood finally comes to a conclusion, but will it have any bite?

True Blood Sookie Stackhouse

Yes, that’s right folks, True Blood is officially at an end. Fans may be disappointed (or perhaps even slightly relieved) at the news that the show has run its course. HBO announced yesterday that the upcoming seventh season of the popular vampire show will be its last, offering writers and producers a chance to provide fans with the closure that they deserved, after sticking with the show for six prior seasons, of wavering quality. True Blood may be just a vampire show to the uninitiated, but it has featured all manner of supernatural beasties including werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, shamans, greek mythological creatures, and more.

The show is still relatively well received by its audience, even though many are able to admit that its best days are long behind it – True Blood was once critically adored, but in more recent seasons it has descended into barely coherent lunacy. While it can still be wildly entertaining in portions, like a supernatural soap opera, it is severely lacking in the dramatic and social poignancy that it once had in its inception. Season four was the start of the show’s decline after a phenomenal season three, and after creator Alan Ball left at the end of season five, hope for the show dwindled.

Current showrunner Brian Buckner had a tough job helming season six and he did a decent job of keeping the show on course, considering the odds he was up against. Now, he has ten episodes left to wrap up everything, which while ordinarily would be no small feat, should be made simpler by the divisive ending to the previous season. In one swift move, the show has managed to cut out a lot of the extra characters and subplots that were weighing it down, creating the potential for the show to actually wrap up rather nicely, even in a shortened ten episode run.

Shows are also often remembered for the end of their run, so perhaps Buckner will be able to escape from the shadow of Ball and put his own finishing stamp on the series.

True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels from author Charlaine Harris. When Ball created the show he deliberately took it in a slightly different, more cerebal direction from the pulpy, somewhat poorly written original source novels. The highlight of the entire franchise had to be season three with the introduction to villain Russell Edgington, who went on to become one of the very best villains in all of television. Check out a classic clip below.

All in all True Blood started out as an extremely promising new show, bolstered by the immense creative talent of Alan Ball. While we aren’t left with another bona fide classic like some of his previous work (such as Six Feet Under), we are left with a show that had some great highs and lows, and was largely a wicked good (albeit completely absurd) time for its fans. Let’s hope the finale manages to end with some bite.

Well, that’s that then for the show. Will you be sad to see it go? Are you relieved? Do you have much hope for season seven? Sound off in the comments!

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