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Fan favourite will return for a movie, thanks to Kickstarter campaign

Veronica Mars kickstarter

It’s been over half a decade since the final episode of Veronica Mars aired in the states, and the fans haven’t stopped taking about it since. Exploring the trials and tribulations of the titular young private investigator, her detective father, and a host of friends and rivals, the show was a cult hit in the US, though it struggled with ratings from the first season onward.

In its relatively brief run of three seasons, the show gathered a rabid and obsessive fan-base in the way that all the best cult shows do. With what many felt was a less than satisfying conclusion to the final episode, the series was officially cancelled in 2007 (after being forced into a short hiatus during which the network aired a reality show staring The Pussycat Dolls…yes, really).

Veronica Mars kickstarter

However, it now seems that there is good news for fans of the teenage private investigator. In what would once have seen like a rather desperate affair, head writer and series creator Rob Thomas has turned to popular fundraising website Kickstarter for help with achieving the necessary money to launch the project. For those of you not in the know, the website serves as a way for fans to donate money to a project, often with potential rewards based on the amount submitted. What stops someone from stealing your money and failing to deliver a product? Um…nothing really, but fans of Veronica Mars will know just how committed Thomas is. Alongside star Kristen Bell, he has been a crusader for the series from day one; there was at some point even talk of Bell financing a Veronica Mars movie herself, though this never came to fruition.

What does this mean for Mars?  Well, according to Thomas they are aiming high:

Thomas said:

[quote-symbol symbol1]If the project is successful, our plan is to go into production this summer and the movie will be released in early 2014.

So how much are they asking for? Two million dollars. Which in movie budget terms is almost nothing, but is apparently the single highest target to hit Kickstarter so far – yet the writer seemed confident, and with 29 days left to go…the drive has already hit its goal and then some!

Amongst the perks is a unique reward for pledging $10,000 dollars (a speaking role in the film) which has already been collected. That doesn’t mean you can’t still contribute however, with plenty of perks still up for grabs and a chance to make it an even better film. If anyone was on the fence about contributing, here’s a shot of nostalgia courtesy of The Dandy Warhols with We Used to Be Friends.

Were you a fan of the Veronica Mars television show?  Are you excited for a potential movie?  Is using Kickstarter to finance movies a great show of fan enthusiasm or a dangerous precedent that leaves only “safe”, mass appeal movies getting made?  Let us know your thoughts.

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