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Best Of 2015 - Ell

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays etc etc. Now let me ruin your day. This isn’t a top 10 list, but rather a collection of brutal death metal and slam albums I listened to over the course of the year and deemed interesting enough to write a small paragraph on. You can make up your own mind as to whether they’re up your street. Oh, and some of this is NSFW. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Gravitational Distortion - The Void Between Worlds album art

Gravitational Distortion – The Void Between Worlds

28th September – Inherited Suffering Records

These Toronto slammers Gravitational Distorion are newcomers, but holy fuck did they lash out with a powerful first punch. The Void Between Worlds gives you a small sample slam (otherwise known as an intro) before churning out the headline slams – and by jove, are they slams. Each one seems to get chunkier than the last and before long you feel like you’re tied to the floor while that little dick from Katamari Damacy rolls the ever-increasing mass of his junk-ball over you. The vocals are an all new level of filthy, too

For Fans of: Abominable Putridity, Maximize Bestiality, taking naps under a steamroller.

Omnipotent Hysteria - Reforged  in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation album art

Omnipotent Hysteria – Reforged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation

9th December – New Standard Elite

Now Omnipotent Hysteria‘s new release is less slam and more relentless, brutal death metal without all the bells and whistles attached. It’s pounding, vicious and completely unstoppable. It features a very solid line-up of UK death metal veterans and you can tell; the riffs are masterworks of sheer brutality, supported by a thundering wave of endless blastbeats and grooves.

Reforged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation is a re-recording of an EP originally released in 2013, but this more refined production allows the release to shine the way it was meant to.

For Fans Of: Embodied Torment, Deeds of Flesh, waterboarding and dancing in the trenches of the Somme.

Abominable Putridity - Anomalies of Artificial Origina (Remixed and Remastered) Album Art

Abominable Putridity – Anomalies of Artificial Origin (Remixed & Remastered)

30th October – Unique Leader Records

OK, so I know this album came out in 2012, but it’s the best slam album ever so fuck you, I’m including the remaster.

It’s like Putridity, but more abominable, and this remaster makes it sound like they’re actually organic monstrosities rather than mechanical behemoths. The improved drum tone really makes a difference.

I can’t praise this album enough. It is the pinnacle of the genre and probably the best starting point for slam there is, right next to Party Cannon’s Partied in Half EP. These Russian slam gods have done fuck all for like three years now so I suppose we’ll have to be satisfied with this remaster to hold us over until they actually release something new, which they claim they will do in the near future. Until then, bask in these shiny, improved grooves and gut-renching heavies.

For Fans of: Pathology, Devourment, living in the gulags and being eaten by aliens.

Party Cannon - Bong Hit Hospitalisation album art

Party Cannon – Bong Hit Hospitalisation

7th July – Gore House Productions

2015 finally saw the release of the debut album by the ridiculous party-slam delinquents in Party Cannon and it is probably my most listened to album of the year. It was everything we expected, perhaps everything we deserved.

We get the dissonant riffs, saturated in a thick slimy sauce, periodically broken up by bouncy slams that make you want to run in circles. While this is very clearly slam, they like to toss in some tech-death and other shit in there too, making it one of the most unique slam releases of recent years. It’s no wonder they got Reddit-famous.

Fun fact: Mike McLaughlin hand makes their logo out of balloons for every show, using his surprisingly tender bear hands.

For Fans of: Guttural Secrete, Digested Flesh, Chris Ryan’s toes, shitting glass

Repulsive Dissection - The Church of the Five Precious Wounds album art

Repulsive Dissection – Church of the Five Precious Wounds

1st October – Sevared Records

Repulsive Dissection‘s new album Church Of The Five Precious Wounds is fuckin’ nuts. It’s in a league of it’s own when it comes to brutal death metal, tinged with tech-death and progressive influence.

However, it isn’t grindy-tech like Cattle Decapitation, or space-jism like Rings of Saturn; it’s like someone took Gorgasm and electrocuted them if they dared to play less than 30 billion notes per second. Yet, despite all the tech, it doesn’t take away from any of the gruesome heaviness. I’ve listened to it too many times to count since its release a few months ago.

For Fans Of: Defeated Sanity, Necrophagist, heroin-induced anger-wanks and pissing in the communion wine.

Operation Cunt Destroyer - Slam Before Time album art

Operation Cunt Destroyer – Slam Before Time

18th March – Independent

Slam Before Time , from the charmingly named Operation Cunt Destroyer, is one of the slammiest releases of the year, dishing out chugs and brees like sweeties. Each riff has the force of a bus as it cascades into your face. The vocals are of the ultra-guttural variety, with a repertoire ranging from “frogs in a blender” to “trying to flush a dinosaur down a toilet”. Speaking of dinosaurs, this album tries to address the age-old question of exactly how large a tyrannosaurus’ penis is. I know it has plagued me for quite some time.

Also, this is the shortest album outside of the grind genre I have ever listened to. It clocks in at fourteen minutes and I’m pretty sure at least two of those minutes are samples.

For Fans Of: Engorging the Autopsy, Vulvodynia, reptilian genitalia, and kicking the fuck out your gran.

analepsy -  dehumanization by supremacy album art

Analepsy – Dehumanization By Supremacy

1st May – Vomit Your Shirt

Analepsy‘s Dehumanization By Supremacy is supposedly an EP, but to be entirely honest, it only clocks in a few minutes shorter than a lot of slam albums. Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, this heavy-fisted slam outfit’s debut was received very well in the slam community (all four of us).

This rumbling, crunching, sputtering mass of riffs and slams is a force unto itself, ambling along like that fuckin’ sludge thing from Spirited Away before it gets in the bath.

For Fans of: Gutrectomy, Oral Fistfuck, paying a hooker to stick a Christmas tree up your arse.

Biopsy - Fractals of Derangement album art

Biopsy – Fractals of Derangement

15th April – Transcending Obscurity

Indian brutal death metallers Biopsy have unleashed a solid debut this year. With clear influence from the USDM scene, there is a lot of Suffocation worship going on here: blastbeats for days, spastic riffs and relentless, crushing grooves aplenty. This is a force to be reckoned with, coming from a part of the world which doesn’t see much in the way of brutal death metal. This EP is five tracks of guttural insanity, with all the gore-covered extras piled on.

For Fans of: Disgorge, Suffocation, overthrowing the British tyranny, and using porcupines as toilet paper.

Crepitation - The Violence of the Slams album art

Crepitation – Violence of the Slams

7th July – Amputated Vein



For Fans of: BREE, BREEE, BEEPS and creamy French cheeses from the region of Seine-et-Marne.

The Dark Prison Massacre - A Blood Clot Ejaculation album art

The Dark Prison Massacre – A Blood Clot Ejaculation

1st September – Pathologically Explicit Recordings

I’ve been following The Dark Prison Massacre for quite a while, as China isn’t a noted exporter of brutal slams. A Blood Clot Ejaculation is one of the best examples of the genre. The riffs are inescapably savage and the vocals sound like an obese boar regurgitating bits of fanny. When I first discovered them, I was puzzling over the logo for a while before I realised it was written in Hanzi.

This release is an improvement on all of their previous efforts, both in production and songwriting.

For Fans of: Parasitic Ejaculation, Epichardiectomy, coathanger abortions, and censoring any mention of Chairman Mao’s horrific hairline.

Intravenous Contamination - Drowned In Human Fluids album art

Intravenous Contamination – Drowned In Human Fluids

22nd May – Rising Nemesis Records

This Intravenous Contamination album is full on anarchy in audio form, with some utterly stellar drumming, vile vocals and riffs flying all over the place like locusts. The instrumentals on this album are top notch, with clear influences from classic brutal death metal acts like Autopsy and early Gorgasm as well as newer influences like Defeated Sanity. The vocals, provided by Exhumer frontwoman Joe Numisa, are a new level of guttural. That voice is so low it’s fuckin dragging across the floor, picking up every bit of filth with it.

For Fans Of: Defeated Sanity, Putridity, diarrhoea diving, and kicking Angela Merkel in the cunt.

Iniquitous Savagery - Subversions of the Psyche album art

Iniquitous Savagery – Subversions Of The Psyche

22nd September – Grindethic records

Iniquitous Savagery‘s Subversions Of The Psyche is some balls out, no fuckin’ nonsense death metal. The riffs are both tasty and vile, backed up by a powerful rhythm section that just kicks the living fuck out of you.

I’m still not entirely convinced that the lyrics aren’t word for word recited from early 20th century medical texts, but one thing is for certain, you need excellent diction to keep up with that shit. Nothing worse than getting onstage and stuttering halfway through announcing song titles such as “Prognosis of Terminal Parasitic Degradation Facilitating the Process for Utter Decomposition”.

This long awaited debut is a monolith to brutality and a standout effort in the UK death metal scene.

For Fans of: Defeated Sanity, Deeds of Flesh, an unrelenting hatred of footwear, and The Riddler.

Putridity - Ignominious Atonement Album Art

Putridity – Ignominious Atonement

28th August – Willowtip

Putridity‘s follow up to 2011’s Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria delivers everything the Italian brutal death metal tycoons promised. Bassist Alessandro Cravero described the album as a representation of the futility of procreation, with lyrical inspiration stemming from films like David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

It is 26 minutes of sheer, relentless violence filled with rampant riffs, disgusting slams and vocals that live up to the band name.

For Fans of: Early Decrepit Birth, Disgorge, Tagliatelli and kicking crippled children while their parents aren’t looking.

Diphenylchlorarsine - The Level 6 Purge Album Art

Diphenylchloroarsine – The 6 Level Purge

30th October – Rotten Music

Want to know how to make your logo REALLY illegible? Use a word that no one outside of WW1 era German chemists will know!

Just like the chemical agent namesake, Diphenylchloroarsine are a vomiting agent. Featuring Mats Funderud (Kraanium/Fermented Masturbation/Dragging Entrails), Benjamin Wingmark (Fermented Masturbation) and Paul Slammer (Negligent Collateral Collapse/Eardelete), which I am sure is not his real name. These guys spit forth some thoroughly gangrenous, slow, low riffs that just churn through the air like gelatinous masses of filth. It is fuckin’ gurgly.

For Fans of: Cerebral Engorgement, Extermination Dismemberment, sandpaper wanks, and trench foot.

Hymenotomy - Some Necrophiles Having Sex with Naked Autopsied Bodies in the Morgue album art

Hymenotomy – Some Necrophiles Having Sex With Naked Autopsied Bodies In The Morgue

18th December – New Standard Elite

God fucking dammit, I need to stop typing this Hymenotomy into google images.

Some Necrophiles Having Sex With Naked Autopsied Bodies In The Morgue is by far one of my favourite releases of the year. It has absolutely horrific riffs, crushing slams, ridiculously filthy vocals and song names so hilarious that sometimes I just look at the track list and chuckle at the possibly intentional butchery of the English language. As a Scot, I can thoroughly condone butchering the English language.

One stellar example is; “Stealing a Young Sexy Goat from an Angry Farmer in Order to Have Sex with It While Unexpected Farmer Dismembers Your Hand with a Blunt Machete”. Another is “Orgasm Achieved by Disemboweling Pregnant Women and Inserting Decapitated Fetuses into Hairy Anus”, but I honestly can’t choose a favourite because they’re all just too good.

For Fans Of: Crepitation, Parasitic Ejaculation, blue waffles, and listening to audiobooks on shuffle.

Notable Mentions

Embodied Torment - Liturgy of Ritual Execution (This would definitely be in the actual list if I hadn’t just heard it a few days ago)

Iniquitous DeedsIncessant Hallucinations

Oral FistfuckSpiritual Sickening

VeldDAEMONIC: The Art Of Dantalian

NithingReek of Interminable Existence

RevulsedInfernal Atrocity

IngestedThe Architect of Extinction

Architect of DissonanceRealm Of The Deviant Throne