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2013 Ghostfest lineup

The Ghostfest lineup has been announced today, and solidifies the feeling that it is one of the UK’s best up and coming summer festivals. Solid scene names like The Devil Wears Prada and The Acacia Strain, whilst not for everyone, will certainly do the festival’s tickets sales no harm, and allow it to continue to grow.

It’s an indoor festival – held at the northern higher-educational institute of Leeds University – which perhaps limits its scope in terms of audience size, but with the aforementioned artists, in conjunction with bands like Veil Of Maya, iwrestledabearonce and Vanna, it’s hard not to see it being a huge success and perhaps allowing them to expand to another location or even outside, with camping and whatnot; who knows?

Perhaps unsurprising is the inclusion of young UK tech-metal band Chronographs, whose excellent new EP Nausea was released earlier this month (see our review here) on the affiliated label Ghost Music, as well as label mates Odessa. Despite the headliners being foreign, it’s nice to see some UK talent on the bill.

All necessaries are on the poster above, but make sure to keep up with the Ghostfest Facebook page to keep up to date!

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