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The Brooklyn Emcee Returns With A Psychedelic New Video.


Every society receives the criminals it deservesIll Bill proclaims, paraphrasing Robert Kennedy, in the new video for “Acid Reflux”. The next single from January’s The Grimy Awards, “Acid Reflux” is traditional Bill through and through — a Manson-inspired, murderous romp replete with sex, drugs, and conspiracy theories. Chronicling a hallucinogen-fuelled descent into madness, the video is another strong entry in Bill’s post-Non Phixion career.


After over two decades in hip-hop, the de facto frontman of now-defunct underground rap group Non Phixion is as good as ever. No stranger to the darker side of things, Ill Bill blends familiar elements of “gangsta” rap with his distinctly paranoid take on geopolitics, theology, and socio-economics. “Acid Reflux” sees him at the top of his game and features some particularly tasty wordplay, “Goon druggie tie-dyed psychedelic paint job / Dune-buggy drive-bys, heretics that hate God”. The minimalist beat — courtesy of the inimitable Large Professor —  provides a catchy canvas for Bill’s high-density lyrics.


Avoiding the tired clichés of the modern rap music, “Acid Reflux” follows a group of hippies as they experiment with LSD in the woods. These intrepid psychonauts smoke marijuana, look intently at their hands, and start an ill-advised fire, before sliding into a world of psychedelia, where Brooklynite rappers appear in the mind’s eye though some manner of cosmic kaleidoscope (just watch the video). For one member of the group, the trip becomes a bit too intense and things go downhill. In a song with such lyrics as “I seen Satan and God raping your mom”, could one possibly expect anything less?

Acid Reflux” is set to be released as a limited edition vinyl single at the end of June. Various pre-orders, including t-shirt bundles, are available over at fatbeats.

What do you guys think? Do Ill Bill’s rhymes hit the spot or give you indigestion? Sound off in the comments!

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