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Two new TesseracT songs today: “Of Mind – Proxy” and “Of Energy – Singularity”

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After tomorrow’s unleashing of The Ocean‘s Pelagial, the next big release on my personal calendar has to be Altered State, British prog outfit TesseracT‘s sophomore follow-up to One. Undoubtedly my favourite release of 2011, One has my expectation bar set high, and despite being on their second new vocalist since then, the long-since released single “Nocturne” (or “Of Mind – Nocturne“, as it is officially) stoked the fires and ensured the tires on my excitebike were fully pumped.

We’ve heard bits and pieces since – snippets from trailers and rehearsal footage, but this morning came the news that on tonight’s Radio 1 Rock Show, the UK’s most widely known bastion of radio metal hosted by Bloodhound Gang, Hexes and The Lucky Nine guitarist Daniel P. Carter, new track “Of Energy – Singularity” was to be played. That’s only a matter of hours away at this point – 12:00am GMT (7pm EST, as a guideline) – and so it will be making its ways online tomorrow for sure.

Here it is!

HOWEVER, another track has raised its groove-laden head in the meantime. Originally premiered through online streaming service Spotify here, some kind soul has ripped the song for those not in the right country – which includes the UK, funnily enough –  to hear in all its glory.


So you’re hearing it by proxy, which is hilarious to my sleep-addled brain, as the track is called “Of Matter – Proxy“. It’s the opening track to the record, and also the song they’ve reportedly been opening sets with of late.

New boy Ashe takes centre stage from the outset, being accompanied by some low, humming background atmospherics and a single guitar line. I’m on my fifth listen as we speak, pumping straight through headphones, and it sounds fantastic to me, even through the notoriously sound-compressing YouTube. It’s got that unmistakeable TesseracT groove, and although there’s still no growls from Ashe, he’s definitely putting forward a strong case as former vocalist Dan Tompkins’ successor.

The band will be headlining a short tour of the UK in May along with The Algorithm and Enochian Theory in support of the release, which will be out on May 27th in Europe and May 28th in the U.S. through Century Media.

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