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Zoax frontman Adam Carroll chats to us about their new album and being called unmemorable.

Zoax 21.3.16 - Adam Carroll 03 - Rachael Griffiths Black Lotus Photography

In an industry awash with bands struggling to write good music, put on an engaging live show and get by on the pittance paid for such things, London five-piece Zoax stand out. Like, really stand out; we’re talking Andre the Giant in a crowd of Oompa-Loompas.

We’ve sung their praises a lot over the past couple of years, and with good reason; a vibrant stage presence, in combination with energetic and soulful music, are just part of why they’re one of the country’s finest live bands, and they captured our attention from the very first time we saw them.

In advance of the release of their self-titled debut album (reviewed here) today via Century Media, we chatted to enigmatic frontman Adam Carroll about giant spaceships, scrambled eggs, and what he thinks of the rest of the band…

How does it feel to release your first full-length as Zoax?

Shit. Biggest regret of my life. I should have stayed in playing World Of Warcraft instead.

Naaaaaa, you know I am joking. It is the best feeling in the world, and I’m so proud of what the five of us have achieved. In years to come I will always look back at this album and be so happy at what we created.

So is that all? If you don’t mind, I have a raid to continue.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of you, sell yourselves in a sentence.

Ridiculously good looking humans who plan to take over the world in big giant spaceships that are full of Subway veggie patties, Sam Cooke records, Catz & Dogz, PlayStations, wrestling rings and the complete series of The Sopranos.

After two EPs, what made you feel you were ready to take the leap to producing an album?

Since day one we have always been aiming to write an album, but we were still searching for what our sound really was about to us. After the two EPs and a heap of shows, we eventually started to figure it out and realised what Zoax was all about to us and the fans.

Other than music, what’s your biggest talent?

I make incredible scrambled eggs. It’s true! Call to my house in Ireland (because that’s the only place in the world apparently that lets you cook eggs) and we will get our scramble on. See, it even sounds sexy. Other than that, I am quite good at a variety of video games.

Zoax 21.3.16 - Adam Carroll 01 - Rachael Griffiths Black Lotus Photography

Two EPs and an album in the space of two and a bit years is quite prolific. What challenges have you overcome writing an album in the space of a year, where before you’d do half that many songs in the same time?

It’s just the time frame is the biggest challenge. You are your own worst critic in what ever form of “art” that you do, so the idea of handing something in for a certain time frame, but then you have that feeling that you could spend another 10,000 years on perfecting (yeah I plan on living that long) is the biggest challenge to accept, I find.

What sort of topics interest you lyrically?

Stories about friends and family. Experiences touring. People that I meet. You will never hear me sing about political business, that is not my bag.

In a Battle Royale between the band members, who wins and why?

Me, because I am doing this interview of course. I am the best, and the rest of the guys are that poo emoji lad.

Everything the band does is clearly geared towards the live show. How do you go about creating the ‘perfect storm’ that is Zoax on stage?

This sounds slightly cheesy but it’s our music. We 100% vibe and love the music that we write, so when we play live to crowds it is the biggest adrenaline rush of ever. We love playing live and we like to just go with the flow.

Zoax 21.3.16 - Adam Carroll 02 - Rachael Griffiths Black Lotus Photography

What is the least accurate thing you have read about the band in the press?

That we are an “unmemorable” band. So yeah, I think the next time we should just drive out on stage in individual army tanks. Maybe that person will think differently about us then.

The music industry is challenging at the best of times. How do Zoax survive and set themselves apart?

We are doing something that we love. If we can survive doing it for the rest of our lives and make a good career out of it by making music that we are proud of and people in the world love, that is all we care about.

What are your plans for the summer festival season?

Picnics and touring.

Zoax is out now via Century Media Records. Read our review here, and pick up your own copy via the usual outlets.

The guys will be main support for our inaugural The Monolith Curates show at Dingwalls on August 21st, alongside Agent Fresco, Press to MECO, No Consequence and more!

Catch the album’s opening track “The Bad Blood” below!