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Adam reels off his five bands to watch at Hevy Fest 2015

Five Bands To Watch Hevy Fest 2015

With August now in full flow, the festival season is at the beginning of the end for 2015 – and that means one thing and one thing only: HEVY! Since its inception in 2009, Hevy has been a hub for the up and coming from all walks of the heavy metal spectrum, and from its simpler beginnings the 2015 edition promises one of the biggest years so far.

With a multitude of bands celebrating various anniversaries of landmark albums and with special sets planned it’s safe to say I have an excite. With this I’ll be making the ridiculous trip from Manchester to Kent alongside our intrepid Editor-In-Chief Chris (his picks here) to fanboy, boogie and drink too much rum.

Here is a list of five awesome bands that y’all need to go see or I’ll come and record Eastenders episodes over your favourite video tapes. Yeah!


OHHMS 2015

Playing: Saturday – 2pm, 3rd Stage

Canterbury five-piece OHHMS will be bringing doom to Hevy this year. With a crushing mix of sludge, drone and groove, these chaps are all about the crush. Coming of the back of their latest release Cold, the band will be present their Hevy audience with a short, punchy slab of depravity and excellence that you won’t want to miss.

For those who haven’t heard their latest cut, get on it; it is essential listening. For those who’ll also be coming to Hevy…Saturday morning. Third stage. Be there, it’ll be perfect to destroy that hangover from the night before.

OHHMS on Facebook


Fightstar 2015

Playing: Friday – 8:30pm, 2nd Stage

I thought I’d be waiting till the year 3000 for a Fightstar reunion, but fortunately that wasn’t the case. With the announcement of a new album and the release of a new single recently, all eyes are on these chaps to pull something magical out the bag.

If the single was anything to go by, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. Their appearance at the festival will be my first time seeing them since I caught them on the Kerrang! tour back in 2008 with Hevy Fest headliners Coheed and Cambria. A renewed passion in the band would indicate that this show is not going to be one to miss.

Fightstar on Facebook

Protest The Hero

Protest The Hero 2014

Playing: Friday – 6:50pm, Main Stage

Another of the heavy hitters on this bill make my list. Canada’s Protest The Hero - quite simply put – are one of the best live bands around at the moment. With their somewhat crazy live show, and the fact they’re due to play before The Dillinger Escape Plan, makes the prospect of seeing them again all the more exciting.

Whilst it’s been a while since their last release, Volition, they are a powerhouse of crazy riffs and impeccable stage presence. With classic tracks like “Clarity“, “Bloodmeat” and “Sequoia Throne” being thrown into the mix. I can guarantee this one will get messy.

Protest The Hero on Facebook

Coheed And Cambria

Coheed 2015

Playing: Friday – 9:30pm, Main Stage

One of my favourite bands playing one of my favourite albums in full; what’s not to like?

Coheed and Cambria are one of the most important modern progressive bands out there and their position on this bill only highlights this. They will be playing their second album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 in full for the first time since their Neverender tour back in 2008.

For those who’ve never seen Coheed, expect a mass of hair, riffs, and soaring vocals delivered with due care and attention. This set will be something really special.

Coheed and Cambria on Facebook

Press To Meco

Press To Meco 2014

Playing: Friday – 2pm, 2nd Stage

Last but not least come London trio Press To Meco. A personal highlight from the recent UK Tech Metal Fest has me somewhat excited about seeing them again so soon.

This band are a perfect blend of alt rock and tech metal that, when paired with the triple vocal harmonies, become something completely unique and totally enthralling. These guys are awesome on record but they’re something else entirely when witnessed live. You’ll find them on the second stage on Friday!

Press To Meco on Facebook

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