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Ade’s Ancient Roman death metal – enter the Coliseum!


I recently came across this song, “Dueling in the Shadow of Spartacus“, from the Italian band ADE, who describe themselves as “Ancient Roman death metal.” Naturally, I had to check it out, if simply because I thought it would be hilariously cheesy.

What I found instead floored me. It was a monolithic blast of technical riffing, monstrous drumming, and enormous and ominous-sounding choirs chanting in Latin that hit with all the power and mercy of the Roman Legion at the very height of the Roman Empire. This what I imagine the ancient Roman equivalent of Nile might sound like Italian, instead of Americans playing Egyptian-themed death metal.

Oh, what do you know, Nile’s current drummer George Kollias is playing the drums on the band’s new album Spartacus! His Greek heritage lends itself well to that of the Italians in the band, combining the histories of two of the ancient world’s mightiest empires.

The album includes lyrics in both English and Latin, “bringing the audience into the Coliseum” as the band themselves put it – “Roman and Greek music with the deranged modern twist of death metal…battle songs for the brutality of those past times.”

If the rest of the album is as good as this song, I think this might be a front runner for Dark Horse Album Of The Year.

Dueling in the Shadow of Spartacus” is the first song to be released from ADE’s upcoming sophomore album, Spartacus, to be released on Blast Head Records in spring.

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