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This band is a new discovery for me. Aether Realm are a melodic death metal/folk metal band from Greenville, North Carolina (not Finland, as they seem to like to remind people), and they have a new song from their upcoming debut album, One Chosen By The Gods, available for streaming. Described as a bastard child of Ensiferum and Equilibrium, Aether Realm play a fast-paced, keyboard backed brand of heathen-inspired metal.


The new song, “Swampwitch”, is a furious melodic affair, featuring fire-spitting guitar solos, and blasting drums. The vocals (which include guest vocals from Eric W. Brown of the band Swashbuckle) sound brilliant, coming across like the battlecries of a band of warriors. The chorus could easily have a crowd of people yelling right along in a live setting. Lyrically, the song seems to be about a witch who lives in a swamp (as if one couldn’t tell from the song title) who is wreaking havoc on passersby. It’s appropriately metal, and fitting with the music of the song. The best part about the lyrics (at least on the page where the song is being streamed) is that they actually transcribe the wordless growls and screams that the vocalist utters at parts, which is rather amusing.

You can stream “Swampwitch” at Aether Realm’s Bandcamp page and is also available for free download. One Chosen By The Gods will be released January 8th on Primitive Ways Records 

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