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Converge Cover Legendary Swedish Death Metal Band, Entombed

Converge - Pound For Pound The Wolverine Blue Sessions

Apologies for the headline folks, it’s likely a joke that only I’ll find funny and the relevance of the joke will have worn off in over a week, meaning that if anyone is trawling the site in the future after we cease to exist they may be like “What?”. Ahem. Anyway, Converge have been mighty busy as of late working on a number of smaller projects, but right now they’ve just released an extension of the split they made last year with Birmingham godfathers of grind, Napalm Death.

The Converge half of the split included one great new song called “No Light Escapes” and a cover of legendary Swedish death metal band, Entombed’s title track of their classic and defining album Wolverine Blues. It’s pretty interesting to see a hardcore band cover such a definitively death metal song, but Converge pulled it off extremely well, in a really interesting fashion. For their version, they actually enlisted the help of five different vocalists, and the short track (just over 2 minutes) featured all of them.

Today however, Converge have unveiled an extension of this original premise. They’re offering up another EP entitled Pound For Pound: The Wolverine Blue Sessions; that consists of five different versions of the track “Wolverine Blues”. This may seem excessive, but basically when Converge originally set out to record the cover, they contacted all of the vocalists they wanted involved and asked them to lay down their own version of the track. They then took all the completed tracks and cut them together to form one ultimate track, but over time Converge have clearly decided that people should be able to hear all five and make their own mind up as to which they prefer.

The vocalists that each perform a version are none other than Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom etc.), Jacob Bannon (Converge, Wear Your Wounds, etc.), Kevin Baker (APMD, The Hope Conspiracy, etc.), Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders, Old Man Gloom etc.) and the duet of Tompa (Disfear, At The Gates, etc.) & Kurt (Converge). This is a star studded line-up and now you can hear The Wolverine Blues Sessions as they were meant to be heard. Check them out below.

This is a really cool and unique idea for a band and it would be quite interesting to see more artists dabble in something like this, though on the other hand it seems a little extensive for just a cover. What’s more, I can’t help but feel that while the Converge version is appropriately heavy and caustic, there’s just no beating the original.

What do you guys think? Do you wish bands would do more stuff like this? Which version is your favourite? Does it beat the Entombed original? Sound off in the comments!

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