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Akord offer full stream of debut album Ethereality

Akord Ethereality Cover

It’s fair the say that Akord have taken their sweet ass time getting out their debut album Ethereality. It was early 2015 and I was on tour with London’s progressive sweethearts Exist Immortal and the Aberdeen natives had just released the first single from this record only weeks earlier.

Over a year later, and we’re finally on the cusp of release – and we couldn’t be happier; the wait was absolutely worth it. We’re also delighted to bring you the full stream!

Akord had this to say about Ethereality:

“Ethereality is our debut record and it has been years in the making. Even before the release of our EP Carry The Sound in 2013, we were writing towards this album. It has 12 brand new tracks including our singles ‘Outlines’ and ‘Levels’ and many of the songs we have been performing live for a couple of years now.

We use many themes throughout the album including themes of progression, anxiety and social awareness. The title track was written about composing music and how musicians find their own metaphorical space for doing so, turning any positive or negative energies into productivity. It instantly stuck in our heads as the album title and what made this even more prominent in our minds was the artwork that was hand painted by our friend Dirk Robertson of the Heavy Metal Buffet in Shetland. His image and creativity brought our concept to life.

We had originally aimed to release the album in August of last year, however it was delayed for numerous reasons. During the recording process, our drummer position became vacant, we had to re-track many parts, and with our guitarist (Martin) in his final year of University, certain priorities had to be made.

We are so pleased to finally have the album released on 27.6.16. We have invested so much time in making something that we are very proud of. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

As do we. Ethereality is out Monday June 27th. Akord will be appearing at UK Tech Fest next month, so be sure to check them out!

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