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Alaya – who used to be known as The Alaya Conscious – have cracked the proverbial nut and been signed to Basick Records as one of two new acts they are announcing this week.

The three-piece hail from Chicago IL, and are added to an ever-expanding international roster for the relatively compact UK label. Head honcho Barley has an ear for a great band, and has rarely picked up anything I personally don’t care for, and this seems like a strong move for them.

No wonder that Basick seem pretty dern excited by this one. One of their barmy crew described the album as “akin to Muse giving Between The Buried And Me a lovely cuddle in a hot soapy bubble bath”. Make of that what you will!

They’ll be putting out an album called Thrones sometime next year. No word on the exact release date, but Basick don’t have anything else on the radar at the moment, so I’d expect it to be around the turn of Q1. In the meantime, here’s the band’s brand new video for the track “Inside“.