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Stream Abandoned Palace’s debut EP in full

Abandoned Palace - The Abandoned Palace EP artwork

Canadian pair Abandoned Palace - the enigmatically named  Void (vocals) and Von Warugi (instrumentation and backing vocals) – are a new prospect on the spectrum of bleak metal, but with their debut just around the corner, it’s clear that they’ve some quality to them already.

Their eponymous The Abandoned Palace EP features four crushing tracks of dark, progressive-leaning metal.

Opening track “The Instrument” fades in to a tense, blasting descent into hell. There’s some fantastic texture surrounding the pounding duo of guitars and drums, with lead parts trading off the vocals.

There’s a dichotomy of thrashing screeches and delicate clean singing, showcased on this opener, as well as tracks like “Second Sight“. In fact, there’s a plethora of interesting and well-meshed styles, and well worth a listen.

Lucky for you, you can listen to the entire thing below!

The Abandoned Palace EP is officially released tomorrow, April 21st. Get on it.