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Chicagoans Alaya finally releasing Thrones; put album up for streaming!

Alaya - Thrones album art

We’ve been a little hot under the collars lately. It’s hard not to be when a voice as angelically captivating as Evan Dunn’s – guitarist and vocalist of Chicagoan progressive metal trio Alaya – is crooning at you across the thirteen tracks that make up their debut album Thrones.

Thrones has been a long time coming, it’s true – it’s hard enough getting a half-decent album produced these days, let alone one as impressive as this one. Nevertheless, we’re here now, and will forgive the cockteasing because you can now listen to the entire album, which has been premiered today at Metal Hammer!

Hopefully you’ll already have read Simon’s glowing review, in which he coined the term “Muse-shuggah” (patent pending, all of you), or at least seen the video for the cracking tune “Sleep, and will be as excited about this release as we are.

It really is quite a dense listen. You’ll enjoy the melody on the first listen, but with each subsequent spin, you’ll realise how much is going on in the background. And there’s only three of them! Christ. “Screaming Still” is a personal favourite; that little Spanish guitar intro is a little Craig David, but it’s totally cool, and the rest of the track has some great hooks.

Thrones is out on Monday 17th March (not long now!) through Basick Records. You can order it from this here location, and we highly recommend you do!

And in case we’d let you forget, Alaya’s Evan, along with Basick Records’ Lisa Coverdale and Chimp Spanner‘s Paul Ortiz joined forces to celebrate Instrumental Music Week in January last year. It was just after Alaya were signed, which shows you how long it’s been between signing and release, but is still totally relevant you guys.