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Animals As Leaders post third album The Joy Of Motion up in full

Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion album art

As I’ve said before, I’m not Animals As Leaders‘ biggest fan. In a world where the extended range guitar is king, Tosin Abasi rules with an iron wrist, but sometimes the showy quality of the band’s rifftacular instrumetal precludes quality songwriting, and as such I found their self-titled debut, as well as 2012′s Weightless, weighted towards the recycle bin.

Their skill as technical musicians is undoubtable though, so you can never disregard new material, and in this case, it seems like another look is in order. The band’s third album The Joy Of Motion is due out next week, and it’s a step-up from its predecessors for sure. How much of this is down to the influence of various guests – including Periphery‘s Misha Mansoor on production duty/additional guitars, bandmate Adam Getgood on mixing, former AAL drummer Navene Koperweis in a programming role and Volumes‘ Diego Farias with extra guitar parts – we don’t know, but something is certainly righterer here.

With the release so close, a full stream of The Joy Of Motion has gone up on YouTube today, so if you’re a firm fan already, or perhaps a curious doubter, then you can make up your mind on whether this growth is a good or a bad thing by clicking play on the playlist below:

The Joy Of Motion is out on March 25th through Sumerian Records. You can pre-order it here, or digitally on iTunes and other good retailers. AAL recently concluded a tour with After The BurialNavene-K and Chon, but undoubtedly they’ll be hot property on a few big summer tours, so keep your eyes peeled America.