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Listen to Black Sheep Wall’s third full-length now

Black Sheep Wall - IGTKM

We only posted our review of this yesterday, so call it fortuitous timing, as you can now hear exactly what Josh was on about when he called Black Sheep Wall‘s new album I’m Going To Kill Myself “truly crushing and disturbing in the best possible way.”

Seriously though, it’s fucking dense. That album cover – a cross between Monsters Inc. and Sesame Street – throws you off completely (aside from the speech bubble); this thing goes hard. Between the walls of feedback, screaming and tar-thick atmosphere, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d fallen into a cell at your friendly local CIA internment camp and were being tortured for the whereabouts of the last rolo.

Whether or not that will appeal to you is uncertain, but as the band say:

Check it out, and let us know how boring and repetitive the whole thing is, and how much you don’t like how much of a departure the first track is!

Decide for yourself:

You might have noticed it’s only four tracks, but it is an album; honest! The final song, “Metallica“, is about as long as the titular band’s rider probably is these days, so it all holds up; you’re not being short-changed.

I’m Going To Kill Myself comes out January 27th – that’s next week! – through Season Of Mist, and can be picked up here. The band are planning shows in support of the release