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Czech black metallers Cult Of Fire stream new album मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्य (Ascetic Meditation of Death)


It’s fair to say the internet has been generally a great thing for metal bands, but if there is one thing to lament about it, it is that it has smoothed out regional sounds. Gone are the days when you would listen to a band and you could tell right away that they were from Norway, or Germany, or the UK. More general divisions still exist, but for the most part, regional sounds have been made pretty obsolete. That being said, the black metal band Cult of Fire sound exactly like a true Czech second wave black metal band. Home to bands such as Root and Master’s Hammer, the Czech scene has a very unique an interesting sound; one that pays homage to Bathory and Hellhammer, but laces it with a strangely occult feeling and unusual instrumentation.

Cult of Fire were formed in Prague in 2010 by Tom Coroner, who is also drummer for the band Lykathea Aflame (who released one superb album and then disappeared). The band released their debut Triumvirate in 2012 and are set to release the follow up to that album this year. The album is called मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्य, which is a weird title for a Czech band to use. In English, it means Ascetic Meditation of Death. Why they went with the Hindi alphabet is beyond me, however the early songs debuted from it were promising, and finally Invisible Oranges has debuted the full stream of the album. Rejoice!

And by the gods, this is a great album. It is punishing, blasting black metal, splattered with sitars and Jon Lord-esque organ sounds. The album also has a really nice atmosphere, feeling vast and dark, drenched in occult trappings. Keyboards feature occasionally, including on the fourth track where a piano solo makes an appearance. The album is described as “celestial”; a statement I cannot agree with more. Lyrically, it seems to deal with Eastern philosophies. The guitars are face melting, and the vocals are rasps from the fires of Naraka itself. Cult of Fire are absolutely on form, and have created one of the coolest sounding black metal records of the year.

Go listen to here, then tell me what you think.

मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्य comes out on November 28th via Iron Bonehead Productions.

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