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Culted come to crush you with their new album Oblique To All Paths


Culted are a testament to how the internet has changed the music landscape for the better. The way we are all connected in this age have allowed a band like them, who are entirely a studio project, to release great music. They are mostly based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, however their vocalist is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Perhaps they could have found a vocalist in their hometown, but really, it is hard to imagine they would have been able to find someone that fit the horrifying, thick, sludgy doom that they ooze out. Despite not being able to play live, the band were signed by Relapse Records for their first album in 2009, and are still on the label for their second album Oblique To All Paths, which was released this week. CVLT Nation were excellent enough to be hosting a stream of the album, for your listening pleasure.

And oh boy, this is a doozy of an album. Oblique To All Paths is unsettling, writhing, and ghastly. The drums pound like the war drums echoing in the depths of Moria; the riffs are like tar, crawling and oozing over everything they come in to contact with; and the vocals are inhuman, sounding instead as if uttered by some demon of the blackest pits, howling torment to the surface dwellers who cower in fear upon hearing these sounds. It is not funeral doom, oh no. There’s no mourning here, just relentless, inevitable death, crushing and terrifying, right from the opening 19 minute sprawl of “Brooding Hex”. There are a few more psychedelic moments on the album as well, just to prove that Culted can tear your mind apart as well as crush it beneath their heels.

I love doom metal of this type, and Culted’s new album manages to hit that sweet spot for me.

Oblique To All Paths was released on January 21st via Relapse Records.

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