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Hot off the press: Doomriders’ new record rules

Doomriders - Grand Blood

Back in April, we reported that apocalyptic hard rock harbingers Doomriders had wrapped up recording their new album. It took until last week to hear anything from it, when “Dead Friends” was unveiled, but you can scrap all of that now because the entire thing is now streaming over at Pitchfork!

Not everyone here is a fan of PF’s player, but it does allow for some groovy presentation, and the spinning artwork for the record, called Grand Blood, is quite cool. Cooler, however, it the record itself. The side project of Converge bassist Nate Newton, who plays guitar and sings here, Doomriders are now on their third full-length. This is, however, the first record for new drummer “Q” (Star Trek, anyone?), so head on over to see how he’s done in adding to their band’s sound.

Whilst there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about Grand Blood, it’s basically the benchmark for granite-edged rock and roll. Pounding riffs, crashing drums and whiskeyed vocals all mix into a potent combo that is accessible to non-metal fans, but is still sharp enough to provide interest for metalheads, all whilst retaining the signature Doomriders sound.

Here’s how the 11 song stack up:

01. -
02. New Pyramids
03. Mankind
04. Grand Blood
05. Bad Vibes
06. Dead Friends
07. Death In Heat
08. We Live In The Shadows
09. Gone To Hell
10. Back Taxes
11. Father Midnight

The effort was produced by Nick Zampiello and Kurt Ballou (Newton’s Converge bandmate), with the gnarly art being handled by tattoo artist Thomas Hooper, Grand Blood will be out October 15th through the mighty Deathwish Inc.