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Head back to Dread Sovereign territory with a full stream of their new album All Hell’s Martyrs

Dread Sovereign All Hells Martyrs

Doesn’t it feel like sometimes you are writing about the same thing over and over? Mere days ago, I wrote about a new song stream from Irish doom metal supergroup Dread Sovereign. “Cathars to Their Doom” is a great track and, in addition to the three songs from the Pray To the Devil In Man EP they had released last year, it spelled a fantastic future for the mighty Nemtheanga and his doomed trio.

However, as if to make me look silly, the band decided to premier a stream of the whole album over at Metal Hammer just yesterday, which of course, I have to jump on. So, without further ado, let us dive right in to what is surely one of the finest doom albums in a while.

Upon the first listen I can confirm that yes, this is indeed a fucking awesome album. “Cathars To Their Doom” sounds exactly the same as it did last week, which is to say great, and the songs from the EP have been re-recorded with a bit of updating. The vocals aren’t quite as bombastic as on the EP, but in exchange the songs sound tighter and more focused. “Thirteen Clergy” benefited best from this update, sounding cleaner, and more apocalyptic.

The album track is also slightly slower, letting the riff do some heavy lifting in terms of atmosphere and heaviness. And of the new songs, the best is probably “Cthulu Opiate Haze” which sumberges the listener into a maelstorm of drugged-out fuzz-doom. Lovecraftian riffs accompany an unearthly howl from Nemtheanga. They are the most sinister ten minutes you will sit through this year, absolutely dripping with cosmic dread.

This is a very good album, though a couple musical themes seemed to be reused once in a while.

All Hell’s Martyrs will see release on March 21st on Van Records.

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