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Glorior Belli stream their absolute treat of a new album in full


Twice before now have we written a post alerting you to the unholy presence of a new song from the mighty French blackened sludge metallers Glorior Belli; first for “Blackpowder Roars and then again for the title track. Both were really good and I know I’ve been getting all excited to hear this new release, and I imagine many of you have been as well. Finally, my thirst has been sated, as the gods saw fit to gift us with a full stream of the album.

And lord almighty, this is one hell of an album. The opener, “Blackpowder Roars”, and it is a good start, but second song “Wolves At My Door” is an ass-kicking blast of thick, caustic blackened riffing, and “A Hoax, A Croc!” is a foreboding gruesome walk through gnarled trees.

Glorior Belli still betray their black metal roots, but their heart is clearly firmly at home among such bands as Thou, Down, and Kingdom of Sorrow, deep in the dark wilds of the swamps. The guitar tone is really nice and gooey, which works really well for the lead bluesy melodies. The atmosphere is soaked in hate and fear, and also in chaos and gator blood, and the bass’ presence provides a solid ground underneath the quagmire of the guitar riffs.

So far, my favourite songs are probably “Wolves at My Door”, “Le Blackout Blues” and “Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls” but I’m only on the first listen. This might be one of the best albums of the year, it is that Glorior-ous.

Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls will be released on November 12th, via Agonia Records. Make sure you listen to it, because you don’t want to miss this treat.

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