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Stop, drop and roll in Destrage’s new album, streaming now in full

Destrage - Are You Kidding Me No

I’m literally right this minute trying to polish off my review of this album, so I won’t spoil any of my pretentious metaphors and over-the-top similies for fear of never finishing the beast, so instead I’ll put some big words in bold and highly recommend you set aside fifty minutes and a good set of headphones and enjoy yourself Italian masters Destrage‘s new album Are You Kidding Me? No.

SikTh-style tech

Psyopus but actual songs

shit motherfucker, those solos!

oh man this is catchy

BTBAM-esque genre-warping; drum and bass, jazz bass, and Mexican trumpet breaks amongst others

all the comments on the Metalsucks stream are positive (no, really)

Guys, you need this album in your life. Seriously.

Preorder the album from here for physical stuff or other places like iTunes or Amazong. GOOOOOO!