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Morbus Chron are streaming their new album Sweven! Did you miss it? We kinda did…

Morbus Chron

I am not the world’s biggest death metal fan. A lot of it interests me, but only in passing. With that said, more and more lately I have found myself enjoying the weirder progressive side of the genre (What, Kevin enjoys something progressive? Didn’t see that coming!) Gorguts‘ comeback album was one of my favourites of last year, and this year’s offerings from Artificial Brain and Pyrrhon have really caught my ear.

And now, Swedish death metal horde Morbus Chron have put their two cents into the ring. Their second album, Sweven, was released on February 25th, although I only caught on to it recently. Their first album, Sleepers in the Rift, came out in 2011, and while I have not heard it myself, other sources say it is an excellent slab of old school death metal.

Sweven, however, is nothing of the sort, and to prove it to you, here’s the full stream of the album, which went online over at Noisey last week.

This time around Morbus Chron has delved deep into Gorguts and latter-day Death for their sonic palate. This is no “we’re so brutal we can’t move” technical avant-garde worshipping death metal though; the riffs and melodies are really allowed to breathe. Some of the guitar parts are reminiscent of early Fates Warning and Dream Theater.

The guitar solos are hardly death metal fare either; from an origin of old school death metal, Morbus Chron have rapidly evolved into something far more complex, progressive, and entertaining. Songs like “Beyond Life’s Sealed Abode” and “It Stretches In The Hollow” are quite vast in scope and composition.

Once I heard this album, I could not stop listening to it, it is that good, perhaps even better than a certain Gorguts comeback album released last year. Morbus Chron prove that death metal isn’t all about brutality and death.

Sweven is out now through Century Media, and is available on CD or for digital download.

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