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Nightbringer deify themselves with new album stream

Nightbringer Ego Dominus Tuus

US black metal tends to get a bad name in black metal circles, due to the it being seen as overflowing with weepy, hipster-y, limp-wristed excuses for black metal such as Liturgy, Deafheaven, and the Cascadian black metal scene.

Fortunately for the US, there are bands such as Nightbringer, who are entirely uncompromising. Nightbringer formed in Colorado in 1999, though did not release their first album until 2008, sticking to splits and demos until then. Their last album, Heirophany of the Open Grave released in 2011, was impressive, but did feel a little restrained, as if the band could do so much more.

Enter their new album, Ego Dominus Tuus - Latin for ”I am your lord” - which is now streaming via Decibel, who also had a chat with Naas Alcamenth:

This new release is utterly spellbinding. The sound presented on Ego Dominatus Tuus is so far evolved beyond their previous works that it seems hard to believe that this is even the same band. It is pure darkness; a philosophical contemplation of the utter chaotic void. Songs like “I Am The Gateway” and “Et Nox Illuminatio Mea In Deliciis Meis” feel absolutely massive, like a looming madness casting a pall over the listener’s mind. The vocals ring through the mix like the maddened howls of a demonic entity from a dimension that humans cannot possibly begin to imagine.

Ego Dominus Tuus acknowledges the origins of the black metal sound – the basics are all there – but it really feels like they are approaching it in an entirely different way. The album is present as a whole – something to be experienced all at once – and the music seems almost composed more like an orchestral piece rather than a black metal album. Each song is presented as a movement of a whole; a fragment of something much greater.

In the interview with Naas Alcamenth, he talks about the composition approach, the lyrical content, the band’s overall philosophy, and the meaning of the album’s title. It’s a fairly interesting read, and it shows just how far beyond the “grim and frostbitten” roots black metal has come, becoming a truly deep vessel for esoteric ideas (something I have been meaning to explore in a post for a little while now).

Ego Dominus Tuus is due out September 30th through Season of Mist.

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