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Stream Nordic Giants’ debut LP A Séance of Dark Delusions in full

Nordic Giants - A Séance Of Dark Delusions

If any British band of the last few years has captured the cinematic quality of post-rock, it’s the mysterious duo known as Nordic Giants. The pair have put in a lot of work, producing several stunning EPs and crafting one of the most essential live shows on the circuit. You see, not only do the costumed combo play multiple instruments each, but they’ve also created or co-opted accompanying films that are shown as they perform, so that their compositions act as a score. Combined with the lights, smoke and overall stage presence, it’s a heady combo and supremely invigorating on several levels.

Last year they signed to purveyors of all things epic Kscope, with plans to release their first LP. A Séance of Dark Delusions was officially announced earlier this year, and will see release next week. As often happens, there’s an advance stream of the entire thing, prestigiously hosted by The Guardian, which you can listen to below:

Whilst not as immediately catchy as some of their earlier records, A Séance of Dark Delusions is a grander piece with loftier goals – but it’s still very much them. Older tunes like “Together” and “Mechanical Minds” have featured snippets of socially-important speeches, from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Beyond Vietnam” address to Charlie Chaplin’s famous monologue at the end of The Great Dictator. ”Evolve Or Perish” continues this trend, featuring a segment of journalist and activist Michael C. Ruppert’s empassioned interview in Apocalypse, Man.

There are also guest spots for sparsely-used vocalists, including previous collaborators Freyja and Saturday Sun, as well as Nadine Wild Palmer and Beth Cannon. It makes for a rich and textured ride across Nordic Giants’ impressive aural landscape.

Looking to the future, there have been multiple teasers of a video for “Rapture“, and knowing them it will be epic – not your normal fare – and well worth keeping an eye out for.

Nordic Giants Rapture poster

Listening is all very well, but the true Nordic Giants experience comes live, and you’re in luck: the beginning of next month will see them touring the UK, stopping at the following venues:

03rd @ Brundenell, Leeds
04th @ Village Underground, London
05th @ Deaf Institute, Manchester
06th @ Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow
08th @ Contemporary, Nottingham
09th @ Concorde 2, Brighton
10th @ The Lantern, Bristol

If you can get a ticket, DO NOT MISS OUT!

A Séance of Dark Delusions comes out April 27th via Kscope, and will consist of not only the album, but a CD/DVD featuring short films, a graphic novel, bonus material – and there’s also a black vinyl available, so get on that.