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Full album stream of Scottish instrumental masters Mogwai’s new one Rave Tapes

Mogwai - Rave Tapes

We were talking only the other day about Mogwai‘s new album Rave Tapes, in our big fat 2014 music preview feature. We’d heard the song “Remurdered” back in October when the record’s January release date was confirmed, and it sounded like the soundtrack to one of those ultra-violent cult/art films like Drive or Only God Forgives – but we need wonder what if the whole thing is going to bare-knuckle box our teeth into next week no longer, because a stream of the whole thing went up today. Have a listen:

Mogwai are so fucking good man, aren’t they? Like, so good. Rave Tapes is the accompaniment to a montage of 1:00am Glaswegian pub brawls being watched as the hangover kicks in at 3:00am; dark and melancholy, it seethes with anger and a sort of misshapen beauty.

There’s a cool little sample used throughout “Repelish“; a man talking about Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” and its supposed satanic back-tracking. When it started, I honestly thought one o those annoying pop-up ads had started in the back-ground; so disjointed is it – but it really works – the line “you’ve gotta live for Satan” really sticking out.

Written and recorded between Glasgow and Berlin, the recording was handled by Paul Savage, who also worked on Mogwai Young Team and Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.

Mogwai are on tour across the UK and Europe from February through April, and are then heading stateside for Coachella and a North American run until the end of May. Dates on their website here!