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Drone masters Sunn O))) and Ulver combine with haunting effect on Terrestrials – stream now available!

SunnO))) Ulver - Terrestrials

Another from the grand 2014 music preview, it was announced some time last year that drone mack-daddies Sunn O))) and avante-garde ambient dudes Ulver would be collaborating once again – remember, they worked together before on a b-side track called “CUTWOODeD” for the former’s WHITEbox special release – on a record to be called Terrestrials.

Both are hugely respected forces in the experimental music scene. Sunn O))), which comprises of Khanate/Burning Witch‘s Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson (also of Goatsnake), have a long, solid history of producing high-quality walls of sound, and their 15-year career together is testament to that. Norwegian quartet Ulver, on the other hand, have made the transition from black metal to a mix of ambient, dark classical and general avante-gardiness, and again have had a long career, with last year’s Messe I.X-VI.X being their tenth album (not counting a plethora of EPs, splits and demos).

And so this collaboration – which is indeed that, and not a mere split – has been highly anticipated by fans of both bands, and we’ve not been disappointed. As today’s full stream unveiling over at Pitchfork shows, the 3-track, 40+ minute sandpit that is Terrestrials is a thing of beauty; not quite either band entirely, and 100% fantastic.

Closer “Eternal Return” in particular is already a firm favourite, mixing the distant foreboding and quivering strings of many of Godspeed You! Black Emperor tracks with the warm fullness of Deafheaven‘s Sunbather.

Terrestrials is out tomorrow, February 4th, through Southern Lord. We understand that the vinyls are all sold out – they were the fastest ever Southern Lord release to do so – but there’s still no reason not to at least try, and hopefully buy, this majestic piece of work.