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The dark fourth album from thrashers Sylosis now streamingSylosis - Dormant Heart album artwork

It’s been apparent over the last few years that there are few ‘new’ bands who can legitimately headline a festival. Download, Sonisphere, Bloodstock; all have struggled to book what you might call ‘interesting’ headliners – and by that we mean big enough to pull the kind of numbers to make it financially solvent, but also not be the exact same band another festival had last year – because it seems like no acts from the last 10 years or so have that kind of draw.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but I genuinely think Sylosis could be one of those bands one day. As someone who doesn’t listen to a whole lot of ‘legitimate’ (I’m using inverted commas a lot today, sorry) metal, I’m turned on even less by the likes of Slipknot, Metallica or Lamb Of God, but the Reading thrashers carry a kind of broad appeal, lip-curling heaviness, and towering presence that the headline position requires. I likes them.

We stand on the cusp of their fourth album Dormant Heart, and it’s surely another step towards the kind of following required to top these kinds of bills. It’s huge in every sense of the word; muscular, pacey, and clocking in at about an hour long, it’s something you can really get your teeth into.

The album is now available to stream in full via this link here. It’s sort of bittersweet as it’s the last Sylosis album to feature drummer Rob Callard, who left the band recently after 9 years.

Dormant Heart is out through Nuclear Blast this Monday 12th January in the UK, 13th in North America and 16th in Europe. if any of you managed to swag a ticket to the release show at the tiny Black Heart in Camden, I’ll likely see you there!

We’ll also have a review up shortly. Eyes peeled!