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The Safety Fire’s new master stroke album Mouth Of Swords is up for streaming

The Safety Fire 2012

The Safety Fire seem like a thoroughly lovely bunch of lads don’t they? Well groomed, GSOH; the kind of boys you’d want to take home to your mama.

They’ve been making some noises about their forthcoming album Mouth Of Swords for a couple of months now – speedily written as it was – and it has been played at least twice pretty much solidly since I got my grubby little hands on it (in fact, check back for our review later today).

Good news then; the band have put the whole shebang up for streaming on YouTube!

Considering their label debut Grind The Ocean – a strong release in itself – was only released early last year, the turnaround on this thing is insane, especially considering how good it is. The thing absolutely soars: Sean McWeeney’s voice carries a harsh tinge whilst at all times remaining understandable; the rhythm section set a warm, brisk pace across the nine tracks, and the guitars elevate the songs sublimely. There are moments of genuine gurning heaviness, juxtaposed with delicate duelling passages, and it’s one of my favourites of the year so far.

Okay, I’ll stop blowing it now, promise.

A couple of videos – for tracks 3 and 5 (“Yellowism” and “Red Hatchet” respectively) – have been released in fairly quick succession, and highlight the genuinely brotastic relationship these guys seem to share with one another – they’ve been a band since they were about 14 – and it shows in the fluidity of their songwriting.

Mouth Of Swords is officially out on September 2nd through Inside Out Music. The boys will be touring the UK a few days later, before heading out to support Between The Buried And Me (whose frontman Tommy Rogers makes a guest appearance on track 4), The Faceless and The Contortionist in North America. Good stuff.