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Hear Woods Of Desolation’s new album As The Stars in full!

Woods of Desolation

Australia’s Woods of Desolation are all about the depressive melancholy black metal. Their last album, 2011’s Torn Beyond Reason, was magnificent, even if it didn’t do anything that hadn’t been done by Austere before them.

2014 shows the project given a new lineup, which will include Vlad from Drudkh, Luke Mills from Pestilential Shadows, and Old from Drohtnung in place of Desolate and Sorrow of Austere fame. Their new album is called As the Stars, which we told you about in November when they released the track “This Autumn Light,” is now available to hear – the whole thing!

I feel like it doesn’t quite measure up to Torn Beyond Reason. As The Stars takes a slightly more post-rock direction, but does keep the melancholy feel. The songs on it are shorter too, which can be a mixed blessing. There is no denying the absolute beauty of the melodies in this release though, and the slightly rougher production adds to the charm rather than detracts from it; too much sheen would ruin the mood of this music.

While I am not yet sure if As the Stars will hold up to Torn Beyond Reason in the long run, it is still definitely a fantastic album, possibly a front-runner for Album of the Year.

The one true sorrow is that Tim Yatras (Sorrow) is no longer involved in this project, as he is absolutely one of my favourite black metal musicians. However, we’re still getting music from him, and D from Woods of Desolation has found other truly fantastic musicians to assist him on this album.

Go here to listen to As The Stars on Stereogum

As The Stars will be released February 14th via Northern Silence Productions.

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