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Spill your guts to Wovoka’s debut album; streaming now in full

Wovoka – Saros album art

There’s something about an intriguing piece of album art that drags you right in, isn’t there? Much like our colleagues over at Invisible Oranges, where Wovoka‘s debut record is streaming, there’s something eye-catching about the simple palette but eye-catching imagery of the album’s cover piece. The oozing, serpentine viscera in gold look like they’ve been dragged down the steps from a sacrificial altar, hanging under a ecliptical sky in the mountains. It’s pretty evocative, wouldn’t you say?

Wovoka appear to be named after the man also known as Jack Wilson, the nineteenth century Native American founder of the Ghost Dance movement, a religious practice that was believed to reunite the living and the spirits of the dead, and bring peace, prosperity and unity to the native people. The word also means “cutter” in Northern Paiute, which seems to fit well with the imagery of the band’s new record.

The Californian band formed a couple of years ago, and in Saros have constructed a fuzzy wall of discomfort; a battering slab of sludge and feedback, cut with desperate howls and coarse vocalisation. There’s no great sense of pace to this; you’re stuck in the desert and there’s no way out without clawing your way across the shifting sands and heady hallucinations.

But you don’t have to take our word for it; Saros is streaming now, and you can listen to it below!

Not too shabby, right? If you’re a fan of the likes of Neurosis, ISIS or any of their brow-furrowing post-metal brethren, then Wovoka are certainly worth a look. Just ask your parents before performing occult, spirit-raising rituals in your local graveyard, okay?

Saros is out via Battleground Records today! Make sure to pick it up via Bandcamp.